At Liberty Construction, we have the insight to help you increase the value of your home through your remodel and addition project. We know that good design adds to the quality of your life and if done right, it can also add to the market appeal of your home. We are not interested in just adding boxes to your space; we want to ask you the questions that will build the design that will get you the most out of your investment today and tomorrow. Not everyone needs to know if their project today will sell better tomorrow, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the conversation now rather than when it is already done? Contact Us today at if you are considering a remodel or addition.

Some areas that we can help make your home work better for you and increase its value:

Full Service Interior & Exterior Remodeling:

Opening and creating a better flow of space: Homeowner’s enjoy open floor plans and more connected living. Through conscious remodeling and selective removal of walls, homes can be transformed into environments that nurture the way we live today.

Curb Appeal:

Not only is it healthier for your home & your plants, but proper planning, pruning & creating paved pathways has a high return on your investment $$. Landscaping & hardscaping set the stage of what’s to come inside. We can put a fresh face on your façade & create the strolling path that leads you up to your door.


Increase the light in your home: Updating windows, adding solar tubes, updating interior lighting, widening interior openings to allow light to flow into darker interior rooms and changing doors to include side lights to brighten a dark foyer are ways that will increase your comfort and according to some, brighten up moods.

Maintenance & Repair:

If you have a leaking roof, plumbing leaks or other type of repair, staying on top of it will help you save money. Left unchecked, standard maintenance and repair items can turn into expensive nightmares. Replacing a spent roof or inadequate insulation can save you $1000s of dollars in water damage repairs that could have gone to something more exciting. Whether you need to replace a roof, insulation or mechanicals systems, Liberty Construction can keep the water and weather where it belongs and help you keep your hard earned money where it belongs.

Extend Your Living Space:

Decks add more than a return on your investment, they help you enjoy your home, your yard and your family. You can all benefit from the relaxation provided by your custom deck. When created with quality materials and incorporating a holistic design, starting and ending your day on your deck gives you more moments to enjoy another cup of tea or perhaps a sip of wine. Meals en pleine air taste better, conversations can be more stimulating and there is more to smile about. Liberty Construction can help you better enjoy your day from your own back yard. Call us today to see what kind of deck we can put together for you.

Bath Re-Envisioned:

Bathroom remodels have always been on the top ten list of desired home improvements and they still are, but today’s bath remodels are not only for beauty and function, they also address aging-in-place. With the largest segment of the population aging, providing beautiful and safe bathrooms is at an all-time high. Liberty construction can help you bridge the gap between aesthetic values and ADA guidelines. Although it may not be a consideration at this time, if you are planning a bath remodel get the peace of mind knowing that you can work with a team that can help you meet your long term goals.

The Kitchen Remodel:

Our kitchens say a lot about us, of all the remodels we do, we demand a lot of this one. We want them to reflect our style, character and easy going/laid back attitude boasting super-efficiency and professionalism. Whatever your goals are, updating a tired kitchen, creating a efficient floor plan, adding more storage, better accessibility or encouraging a new love the latest cooking trends, Liberty Construction has the skills and experience to get it done. We can help you see it, design it, and execute it. We’ll even help you eat your new cooking masterpiece if you let us. Call to set up an appointment with our fabulous foodie kitchen designer and let’s see what we can create for you.