With weeks of rain and the rainy season upon us, it brings a round of problems, from annoying little leaks in your roof to nasty flash floods that soak your carpet. Get out your boots and umbrella and remember these tips for wet emergencies.

When a roof leak develops, drill a hole in the ceiling to reduce damage and to create a collection point for leaking water. When hardwood floors get soaked, squeegee off excess water immediately, and dry slowly to reduce warping; don’t use heat.

When carpets get soaked, removing them while they’re wet can cause tearing. Instead, pick up excess water with a wet/dry vac or a carpet-cleaning machine. Peel back wet carpet and discard the pad. Then set up a fan to dry the area.

In most cases, carpets can be re-used but the pad will have to be replaced. For most folks, the rainy season never is fun — unless they’ve fixed roof leaks and shored-up any geological water run-offs.