How Liberty Construction, Inc. Began

Dan Craig, President and founder of Liberty Construction took his first steps to what would be the rock solid business it is today, unknowingly, and at the age of only 15. Dan followed in his father’s footsteps. Literally, one Saturday morning at age 15 when not wanting to leave Dan up to his own devices, went to work as a Mason with Dan in tow.

Dan began his apprenticeship as a Mason that Saturday morning. He continued to work by his Dad’s side for the next several years perfecting his trade and technique. As a young man he found himself working for a Mason contractor and as many of us at the onset of our careers find ourselves working for a boss we’d rather not. It’s at this time in 1970 that Dan and a co-worker began what would be his path to what eventually came to be known as Liberty Construction Inc.

D&D Masonry was off and running and the time between 1972 and 1973 was a very busy and important time for Dan. It’s in this period he divorces his partner and married the love of his life. Dropping the D&D and continuing on as Craig Mason Contractors, Dan began to build his reputation and client base. This was often a true family effort in concert. Dan’s new bride, Gail, watched over the books, billing, ordering and generally all things office. Dan’s brother, Charlie, and Dad Charlie Sr. joined the business and continued to contribute over the next two decades. “Pop Craig” decided one day, right after the first coffee break of the day, that he had had enough… time to retire. “Take me home” he said.

Craig Mason Contractors had some significant growth and changes in the mid 1990’s. Dan’s son Brian joined Dad in the business, and Dan and Gail move the business from a DBA to a corporation. Dan’s daughter Cheryl also worked for the company during college and in between other jobs. After tasking the businesses lawyer to create the corporate vehicle, he found himself at the appropriate state office and learned the Craig name has already been used. Liberty Construction Inc. was penned in and the Craig family found it to be to their liking. And that is how Liberty became Liberty.

In the years following Gail retired from the office and Dan and son continued to build a reputation for excellent work done on budget and on time. Dan is Chairman of the Auburn VNA resides in Auburn with his wife Gail and enjoys spending time with his first grandchild.